Important Moment You'll Want To Capture On Your Wedding Video

Posted on: 23 March 2023

Do you want to hire a wedding videographer so that you can have a beautiful wedding video to remember your big day? If so, you'll definitely want to talk to your videographer about capturing the following moments so that you remember them forever. 

Pre-Ceremony Moments

There are plenty of things happening before the ceremony that the bride and groom will not be able to see, because they are happening while the other person is getting ready with their family and friends. Ask the videographer if they'll be able to visit the location where the bride and groom are getting ready. This may require a second videographer to ensure that those precious moments are captured, so some planning needs to be done ahead of time. Some moments that you may want to specifically ask to capture are the bride stepping out with her dress on for the first time on her wedding day, putting on her makeup, or applying the finishing touches with accessories. At the groom's place, there are moments like putting on his tie, giving his mom a corsage to wear during the wedding, and having drinks with friends.

Ceremony Moments 

The ceremony is going to have a lot of obvious moments you will want to remember that focus on the bride and groom. However, ask about those other moments that may be worth capturing that you don't get to see during the ceremony. This could be candid shots of people coming to the ceremony, which includes seeing friends and family they have not seen in a while. You may also want the reactions of family members getting emotional during your vows. 

Reception Moments 

With so much going on during the reception it will be tough to capture everything. However, it helps to make a list of things that you definitely do not want to list. It's a good idea to give your videographer a list of what special events you have planned during the reception so that they can be prepared. This includes throwing a bouquet, cutting the cake, a special dance with your parents, and things of that nature. Do not assume that your videographer is going to know your reception's rundown since every wedding is a little bit different. 

These are just some of the moments you'll want to remember forever from your wedding. Meet with your videographer to learn about what other ideas they have for your wedding video. 

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