Getting Married? Narrow Down Wedding Photographers With Portfolio Analysis

Posted on: 17 August 2022

After doing some initial planning for your wedding, you may feel ready to hire a photographer. This part of the planning is important because the photographer will capture photos you will look at for the rest of your life. With a busy schedule, you might be unable to set enough time aside to meet with a wide variety of photographers to discuss things in detail in person.

An alternative is to start with a thorough portfolio analysis to narrow your options. This process will help you find a couple of promising photographers to meet in person.

Photo Count

The portfolio photo count often determines how much you can learn about a photographer from their photos alone. An ideal scenario is browsing through dozens or even hundreds of photos with various shots. For instance, an extensive collection of portraits without many other photos will only tell you how skilled a photographer is at capturing portraits.

A sizable collection also shows that a professional is very confident in their work. You can take the analysis even further by looking at social media pages. Sometimes, photographers share work that does not make it onto their website portfolio. The greatest outcome is when you find that their photos from all sources look either similar or identical in quality.


Seeing photos from different points throughout the day can give you valuable information. However, the most important part is to analyze photos during the hours in which your ceremony and reception will happen. An excellent example is prioritizing photographers that showcase evening and nighttime photos when you intend to get married later in the day.


Another way to help determine how satisfied you might be with hiring a certain photographer is by looking at their photo angles. Several scenes are always photographed at weddings, such as the bride's walk down the aisle and the first kiss. So, you can look at these photos in each portfolio, which will help you narrow down photographers by picking your favorite angles.


Pay attention to variety because this is how you likely want your wedding photo collection to look. For instance, you want to see various wedding photos, including group, macro, portrait, landscape, venue, food, cake, and decoration shots. All these photos will give you an idea of what your photo collection will look like if you hire the person you are analyzing.

Use these tips to narrow down your list of wedding photographers to consider hiring.