5 Reasons To Take Your Wedding Photos At The Ceremony Site

Posted on: 12 July 2022

Your wedding photos are one of the most important mementos from the big day, so you want to do them right. One small change in the wedding schedule might just help ensure that. This change? Take your group photos directly at the ceremony site before moving anywhere else. Here are five ways this can make all your photos better.

1. You're Fresh and Emotional. The moments following the actual marriage ceremony are some of the most exciting for everyone. You've just celebrated your love and everyone is in a happy, playful mood. So why not capture this intimate, romantic time in your photos? Real emotion will create some of the best photos, and nothing will feel more real than this moment. 

2. Guests Will Leave. Once the ceremony is done, guests usually move on to the reception venue or cocktail hour space. Take advantage of this by letting them leave ahead of you and having the ceremony area to yourselves. The photographer can do their job more easily and better without a bunch of onlookers milling about, trying to take their own cellphone pictures. 

3. Everyone Is There. One of the hardest parts of group wedding photography is getting everyone in the same place on time. The ceremony is the moment in the day when everyone is already in the same place at the same time. Simply ask your list of group photo participants to stay behind when the rest of the guests leave. No wrangling, no delays, and no arguments. 

4. It's Well Decorated. A lot of care went into your wedding ceremony location because it's the centerpiece of the big day. This makes it a great photography backdrop choice. Not only does the ceremony space already come decorated for pictures, but it has a sentimental feeling that no other photo site will have. 

5. Everyone Looks Great. Want to look your best in the photos? Then take them when you're still freshly styled for the ceremony. Everyone, from guests to wedding party members, recently did their hair, makeup, and clothing. Take a few moments to freshen up after the ceremony, and you're ready to go. Then, everyone can head to the reception relaxed. 

Where to Learn More

Could this one schedule change make your wedding day easier and result in the best photographs possible? Start by meeting with a professional wedding photography studio in your area to learn more about this option. No matter what you choose, with their help, you'll end up with great photographic memories for a lifetime.