4 Reasons To Prioritize A Wedding Photographer With A Second Shooter

Posted on: 9 May 2022

When you get married, you may want to capture everything on camera. A small wedding allows a single photographer to photograph all the major events and special moments in between. But planning a large wedding makes it worth hiring a photographer with a second shooter.

Bride and Groom

A major benefit of using two photographers is having one person with the bride and another with the groom before the ceremony begins. Capturing photos of getting ready and spending time with family and friends will paint a complete image of the wedding.

Also, you will appreciate looking at each other's photos from getting ready because you may not see each other until the ceremony begins. A single photographer means skipping either the bride or groom or having to split the time spent with both of them to capture these moments.

Multiple Angles

While the ceremony and reception take place, you will love the fact that every major event gets multiple angles from using two photographers. Even though all the photos look beautiful in your collection, you may prefer one angle over another for putting up in your home.

Getting front and side angles for walking down the aisle and having the first kiss can paint a more vibrant picture in your wedding photos compared to one angle for everything.

Planned Photos

When you hire a photographer, you want to discuss planned photos because they will take time out of a professional's ability to capture candid moments. Luckily, a second shooter can take planned photos so that the ceremony and reception are always being photographed.

Another advantage is that you can fit in more planned photos because a photographer will always be working the ceremony and reception. Your family and friends may appreciate taking so many planned photos together that they can look back on for the rest of their life.

Total Photo Count

A second shooter increases the total photo count of your photo collection. This means you may need a larger photo book than you anticipated to hold everything. Still, you will love how every significant moment and the little details are captured with multiple photographers on the job.

So many photos being taken maximizes flexibility for you and your guests when it comes to putting together small photobooks or collections.

Enjoying your wedding is something you may not question. However, you can also enjoy looking at your wedding photo collection by hiring a photographer with a second shooter.