Kid Photo Backdrop Ideas For The Fall

Posted on: 9 September 2021

Are you searching for imaginative autumn kid photo backdrop ideas? Whether you're a professional or just want a few fun fall finds to photograph your own toddlers or preschoolers in front of, take a look at what you need to know about seasonal selections. 

Plenty of Pumpkins

Pumpkin is more than the taste and scent of fall. A pumpkin-themed backdrop is the perfect way to celebrate the autumn season in a playful, child-friendly way. If you can't go outside for a mid-pumpkin patch photo shoot, you can use a background to mimic the look. 

A pumpkin backdrop could include anything from a complete wall of pumpkins to one giant orange orb. Along with plain pumpkins, you can also photograph your toddler or preschool in front of a jack o'lantern. This type of kids' backdrop is an easy way to make holiday memories—especially if the child dresses up in their Halloween costume for the photoshoot.

An Array of Apples

An apple-filled backdrop is an easy option for a fall theme. Not only are apples a symbol of the season, but you can also use this backdrop for a "start of the school year," "A is for apple," or "apples for the teacher" photo. 

Like pumpkins, apples can fill an entire backdrop. If your photoshoot is a back-to-school theme, consider a larger apple or an apple paired with school materials (such as pencils or notebook paper). 

Colorful Fall Leaves

Celebrate the changes of the season with a fall leaf backdrop. This option picks up the autumnal color palette and includes yellow, brown, orange, and red leaves. A fall leaf background can include a realistic-looking fall tree, piles of leaves, or a pattern of colorful trees and their fallen leaves.

Up the autumn ante on this type of backdrop and include either real or faux leaves. You can attach these to the backdrop to add a sense of texture or scatter them across the floor. The child can also hold the leaves as a seasonal prop. Set up a park bench to make the backdrop pop and create a realistic autumn season.

Hues of the Season

You don't have to use a backdrop with a specific or noticeable picture. Instead, you can create a fall mood with a carefully chosen color palette. Combine fall colors (such as red, yellow, brown, and orange) to create an abstract autumn look behind your child. If you are photographing your own child, let them help to make this backdrop. Your child can paint patterns or splatter tempera in fall colors across an oversized canvas.