Taking Business Headshots Of Your Employees? Follow These Three Tips

Posted on: 4 August 2021

Are you looking to have some professional headshot photos taken of you and your employees? Taking headshot photography is going to be quite different because your employees are not models or actors. That's why it helps to have some tips that will help them take the best photos possible.

Stand Instead Of Sit

It will help to have people stand in front of the camera rather than sit. It is going to give the person much more energy and confidence when they are standing up because taking pictures while sitting can cause people to relax a bit too much and look less comfortable. You may be surprised at what a difference it will make between photos when people are standing versus sitting. 

Lean Into The Camera

In addition to standing, it will help to lean slightly into the camera when the photos are snapped. This may seem awkward when looking at the person posing for the camera, but proper posture does not always look best in a headshot. Having a straight back is going to cause your shoulders to go back and your chin to come up, which causes more emphasis on the chin and neck. Leaning into the camera puts more emphasis on your face and smile.

There is also a trick when it comes to leaning your shoulder into the camera. For people with long hair, it will help to flip the hair off the shoulder that is leaning into the camera, which will keep the hair off your face and produce a better photo. 

Pose Your Hands

The key to posing your hands is to relax them. While this is often said while taking headshots, it is especially important when thinking about what you do with your hand. You don't want to be holding your hands in a fist, and relaxed hands should hang naturally. 

A good tip is to pose your hands in an asymmetrical way. Have one hand in your pocket, and the other hand hanging down naturally on your side. Avoid having your hands mirror each other with what they are doing. Another technique for arms is to put a gap between your arm and your body. This can actually produce a nice slimming effect by having a small gap there. 

Think you're ready for the day of the photoshoot with your employees? Follow these tips and you'll be sure to have headshots that will look natural and professional for everyone involved, even though they are not actors. 

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