5 Tips To Help Your Photographer Capture Wedding Details

Posted on: 19 March 2021

The small details of your wedding are some of the best parts of the photography portfolio. But capturing things like the dress, veil, cake, centerpieces, signs, escort cards, shoes, and bouquets often takes a backseat for busy brides and grooms. How can you avoid short-changing the myriad of tiny elements you've put your heart into? Here are a few tips to get them at their best. 

1. Schedule Time to Work. Photographing details is not always the fastest part of wedding photography. The photographer may need to reorganize them, locate different elements, and take multiple photos just to capture the right things. So make sure you build in extra time in the wedding schedule to allow them to do their job well. 

2. Be Flexible About Items. A good photographer knows when a shot is likely to be lackluster. If they have fresh ideas or want to try something different with the detail items, let them take the lead as much as possible. This may even include moving the cake to a more flattering light or borrowing the veil to shoot it in sunlight. Be open to your photographer's keen eye and experience. 

3. Clean Up the Place. Many detail items are kept backstage where the actual work of wedding preparation goes on. But a messy room where multiple attendants and the bride have spent all morning getting ready may not be the most photogenic place. Try to pick up the area as you go or have a friend assigned to tidy up the environment. This will make photos of your veil, dress, shoes, tiara, or bouquets much nicer. 

4. Allow Time Before and After. Some details — like the table settings or lined-up escort cards — work best when shot before anyone is around. Others, like menus or bar signs, may be more interesting when surrounded by guests and wedding party members. So provide some time for the photographer to wander and collect details at different times of the day. 

5. Hire Multiple Photographers. If you're on a short time schedule or if the wedding is large, consider hiring more than one photographer. A team can capture different details at the same time or photograph details while other activities are being photographed in the main rooms. You get more options, and they get more time. 

If you provide the right environment for your wedding day photographer, they will bring you the very best photographs of all the beautiful and fun details that have gone into your big day. Learn more tips by meeting with an experienced wedding photographer in your area today.