How To Hire A Business Headshot Photographer

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Bringing in a business photographer is about more than just getting someone to snap some shots. The way people see the folks who work for your company is important, and the headshots in your printed materials, social media feeds and websites are often the first chance to make the right impression. Here's what you can do to get value out of hiring a business headshot photographer.

Visual Consistency

You'll want to take a look at a shooter's portfolio, and one thing you should keep an eye out for is how visually consistent their pictures are. Do they use a specific shooting style? How much does the light look the same between one photo and the next? Headshots are fundamentally descriptive images, and they need to let folks interested in your company get a clear look at who'll they'll be doing business with.

The Little Tricks

An experienced shooter will know how to handle small problems, such as the glint of light off jewelry. Don't settle for claims these things can be fixed in Photoshop. Experienced photographers avoid these kinds of problems in their original shots rather than trying to fix them in post-production.

Use Rights

Especially when deploying images for commercial use, it's critical to be sure that you have full usage of every image that's taken. Do not make assumptions. If you have access to a lawyer, ask them to take a look over the photographer's contract. You want to have the right to use images in publications, on websites and in social media accounts.


Photographers often utilize different pricing structures. In the business world, many prefer to use day rates. You shouldn't assume this will be the case. Some charge license fees for when items are used. Others pay charge on an hourly basis or based on the number of shots. Be clear about the free structure prior to hiring a photographer. Likewise, try to understand how they fee structure ties into the previously mentioned issued of use rights.

Career Focus

When hiring a business photographer, it's wise to work with someone who's dedicated to doing work just for companies. While it's certainly possible someone who shoots glamour, family, student or fashion photos might do a good job, specialization counts. Just as folks come to your business for the things you're focused on doing well, you will want to patronize shooters who focus on doing corporate work well.