Tips For Having A Great Photo Shoot With Children

Posted on: 8 January 2019

Children can be fun to photograph with their natural enthusiasm and sweet smiles. However, they can also be challenging to photograph. Sometimes kids come to a photo shoot with excessive energy, and others can be short on patience. Here are some tips for making sure your photo shoot results in some wonderful shots worth putting in any brag book.

Choose a Variety of Photo Backdrops

Don't just have one photo backdrop on hand when you take pictures of kids. Not only can something go wrong with a single backdrop, but you also need options. Try to have a pretty backdrop, a backdrop that is one solid color, an artistic backdrop, and a themed backdrop. A themed backdrop can be something as simple as one that depicts a train in the background.

The ideal kid photo backdrop is one that is colorful and fun. However, the backdrop is not the star of the picture. It's just a way to set the scene for a photo that is, of course, centered on the children in it. So be careful to not choose backdrops that are too busy or too bright.

Coordinate Props With Your Kid Photo Backdrop

Choose a few props to go with the backdrops you've selected for your photo shoot. They don't have to be anything too expensive or complicated. For example, if you are doing a holiday-themed photo shoot, you may choose to have candy canes as props. If you get the parents' permission ahead of time, you can then give the candy to the kids for a job well done.

It's also a good idea to get some timeless props that you can have on hand any time you photograph children. You may opt to get a rocking horse, a teddy bear, or other simple photo props.

Keep Your Cool During the Photo Shoot

Patience is a virtue that everyone who aspires to photograph children must possess. You can't predict how children will act, and you are likely to encounter some unruly children if you frequently photograph families and kids. However, no matter how ill-behaved kids can be when they're being posed for photos, it's important to stay calm and act with compassion.

You set the mood for your photo shoot. You're in charge, so also take charge of the ambience. Wear a smile as you introduce yourself to the kids. Try to have a few fun, cheesy jokes on hand to make kids smile when you meet them. Offer a quick, sincere compliment. Also, try asking questions about their lives. Relaxed kids will be the easiest to photograph.

Finally, keep in mind that you are taking photographs that parents may hang on their walls for decades to come. Each time you have a photo shoot with children, you capture special pictures that become part of the lives of the families you photograph. Take the time to be well-prepared with excellent backdrops and props, then have as much fun as possible during the photo shoot.