What You Need To Know Before Getting Headshots

Posted on: 28 September 2018

Do you need professional headshots? Whether you need corporate headshots for your company website, shots to kickstart your acting career, or if you need new photos for your modeling portfolio, professional headshots are certainly a distinct type of photography.

Make Sure You Hire the Right Type of Photographer

Not all professional photographers have the equipment or experience to create professional quality headshots. In fact, not every photographer who does headshots will have the equipment, experience, and aesthetic for every type of headshot. That is, a photographer who usually shoots models is going to have very different set of skills and than a photographer who specializes in corporate headshots.

You could really end up with some inappropriate photos if you hire the wrong type of photographer. Usually, models want headshots that are a little more natural, and they might even take the photos outside. Corporate head shots are almost always going to be taken in a studio and they essentially look like a school portrait. You want to be dressed nice and have a professional background for your corporate profile. So, whenever you hire a professional headshot photographer, make sure that she actually specializes in that type of photography that you need.

Get All of the Images

Another important thing you should consider when having headshots taken is making sure you see all the images. To save time, professional photographers will usually select the best images. These "selects," as they are often called, are the images that the photographer likes best. But, your favorites might be somewhere within the raw files. This is particularly true when it comes to modeling and acting headshots. That is, there's going to be more variety, so you might want to choose from some of the extra photos that the photographer didn't initially pick.

This is why it is important you let the photographer know that you want to see all of the images, and not just the "selects" before you make the hire. In the end, you shouldn't just hire the photographer who has a great portfolio and decent rates. It is also helpful if you actually meet the photographer in person to make sure that they have a style that is complementary to yours, and that you actually feel comfortable around them. You don't want to be feeling awkward while you are having photos taken. You will get better results if you are comfortable with the person behind the lens.