3 Details To Consider Before You Take A "Trash The Dress" Photo

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Although not everyone subscribes to their theory, some brides have fun messing up their wedding dress in an informal ceremony that people commonly call "trash the dress." This is especially common at beach weddings. After the wedding is over, the bride may run into the surf and perhaps even roll around in the sand. 

This behavior might raise your eyebrow, but as the wedding photographer, it's your job to capture the moment. There are several details that you should consider before this photo shoot, especially if you haven't previously captured this type of event. Here are three considerations to think about and discuss with the bride

1. Posed Versus Unposed

Some "trash the dress" photos are posed, while others are more spontaneous in nature. You'll want to talk to the bride about her preferences in this regard. For example, she may want a portrait-style photo while she stands in the water up to her waist. Or, she might simply want to have fun running and splashing at the edge of the water while you snap photos. Get a sense of what type of photo best makes the bride comfortable so that you can proceed accordingly.

2. Pack Some Water Gear

While it's true that you can certainly shoot images from the beach, you may be able to get some more interesting shots from being in the water yourself. While you could theoretically use a small boat, another option is to pack some hip waders and any other suitable water gear so that you can stand partially submerged. For example, if a crowd of wedding guests has gathered along the beach to watch this spectacle, you can position yourself farther out in the water and shoot the bride with the guests in the background.

3. Talk About Discretion

White wedding attire will commonly develop a see-through appearance, which means that the bride might be at risk of revealing more than expected as she trashes her wedding dress. Talk to the bride about this topic and come up with a plan to ensure that she won't be embarrassed. Different dresses have different amounts of material, which can make some more revealing than others. If there's any doubt, the bride may wish to trash her dress in a private area of the beach with only her spouse and you as onlookers. You'll need to carefully evaluate the photos that you take so that you don't use any that aren't discreet.