Why It's A Good Idea To Hire A Photographer To Shoot Family Portraits For Your Christmas Cards

Posted on: 18 June 2018

If you're someone who enjoys sending Christmas cards to friends and family each December, it's worthwhile to think about hiring a professional photographer who can shoot a portrait of your family in advance. You can then either make custom greeting cards with the photo on the front, or simply make prints and slip a copy into each card that you send. Whether you have your family dressed in holiday attire or you prefer to wear conventional clothing for your photo shoot, there are lots of advantages to hiring a photographer to shoot these annual photos. Here are three to keep in mind.

Your Cards Will Have More Impact

Lots of people enjoy getting Christmas cards, but there's little doubt that lots of cards can feel repetitive. Cards with similar designs and similar messages may not have the impact on the recipients that the sender wants. However, when you get a new photo taken each year to use for a custom holiday card, it's a safe bet that your cards will stand out every year. People may even look forward to getting your cards because they're excited about seeing your family portrait.

It Provides A Photographic Timeline

Many people take a lot of pictures of their children throughout the year, but may only sit down for a formal portrait once in a while. When you make a point of hiring a professional photographer for a photo each December, you're keeping a photographic timeline of your family. You can compile these photos in an album or perhaps even frame some of them, and it will be nice to have a shot of the whole family at least once a year. As your family ages, this photo shoot can continue to be important and become something that everyone looks forward to.

It Gives You Flexibility

When you're getting a portrait of your family taken each year, you have flexibility in how you want the images to look. Whereas a family that only gets one portrait will likely want it to appear formal, annual portraits mean that you can change things up. Some years you'll likely favor formal poses, but you might want something more creative or even silly for your portraits in other years. Your family members will enjoy brainstorming together to find a good idea each year. For example, one year you might decide to have your photo taken outside at the local toboggan hill.

If you're planning a family portrait to include in your holiday cards, you can contact companies like AJ Goreham Photography for more information.