Three Reasons To Take A Stepladder For An Interior Photography Shoot

Posted on: 27 February 2018

If you're a photographer who often shoots interior images for clients, you need to be prepared with the right gear. This means not only having the necessary cameras, lenses, and lights for the shoot, but also having other devices that may come in handy. One such device is a small stepladder. While it's true that your client may have one that you can borrow, you'll be better prepared, and look much more professional, if you keep one in your vehicle. There are several different ways that you can use a stepladder during an interior photography shoot, including the following.

Changing Ceiling Lights

Even though you'll want to use your own lights for your photo shoot, you may choose to have some of the client's lights on. Sometimes, for various reasons, you'll want to change some of the bulbs in his or her light fixtures. For example, perhaps there's one bulb with a wattage that doesn't match the others, or maybe the bulbs are too yellow and are thus casting an undesirable glow over the room. Sometimes, a bulb will be burned out, which leads to an unkempt feeling in the photo. Carrying a stepladder will allow you to reach any overhead light fixtures, especially in rooms with higher ceilings.

Adjusting Your Elevation

Interior photography success generally depends on two things, light and angles. Not every image should be shot from the average person's eye height, which is a mistake that amateurs often make when shooting indoors. In many cases, changing your elevation will give your photographs a different effect and dramatically increase their impact. With a stepladder, you can change your elevation considerably, getting close to the ceiling to shoot down into a room, for example.

Last-Minute Adjustments

The best interior photographers always have an eye for making any small adjustments that will improve the effect of their work. Once you're set up and are looking through your camera's viewfinder at the scene in front of you, you may notice small things that aren't serving the image well. For example, perhaps there's a cobweb in the upper corner of a room. While you can usually remove such issues with your editing software, every good photographer knows that it's best to begin the editing process with the best images possible. Grabbing your stepladder and quickly wiping away the cobweb will give you a better shot, and your conscientious nature will definitely impress your client.

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