Child A Senior? 2 Ways To Make This Year Memorable For Them

Posted on: 10 February 2017

If your child is a senior in high school, this is an exciting time for them. They will likely remember this time in their life but you can do some things to make this year even more memorable for the. Two of these things are listed below to help you get started.

Senior Pictures

Their senior pictures are important as it is a way for you and your family to remember this occasion forever, and it will be the picture that is in your child's yearbook. For this reason, you should not take them to just any photographer.

The school will have a yearbook photographer that they use but you can choose someone else if you want. If you do, interview different ones in your area, and look at their portfolio. They may take beautiful pictures but they should have experience taking senior pictures.

Check with your child's school as they may have requirements you have to follow. Depending on the school, you may have to submit a photograph to them showing only your child's head and shoulders with no props in the background. The photograph will likely have to be a certain size and they may have requirements on how you submit the photos to them, such as electronically.

The photographer should allow our child to pose in different outfits, as you may want some casual pictures also, and they should have different props you can use.

Senior Trip

Your child will likely go on a senior trip with their friends, but you should consider planning a trip with just you and them. This will allow both of you to have time alone together is something they will never forget.

What you do does depend on your budget. Some popular destinations you can choose for this purpose are Costa Rica, Europe, and the Bahamas. You can speak with a travel agent to purchase a package to save money. If something like this is not in your budget, you could take a trip driving across the country, or visiting a beach for a week.

If your child's senior year is just starting, you will have time to save up for the trip so start planning for this now. No matter what you do make it a complete surprise for them.

If your child is going to college away from home, plan a trip to the town they will be living in. This will allow your child to get used to the surroundings so they will not be so nervous.