Creative Ways to Display Old Photos at Your Wedding

Posted on: 27 October 2016

A marriage represents the uniting of not only two individuals but also their families. If you and your soon-to-be spouse want to honor your relatives during your wedding reception, displaying old photographs of loved ones can be a great solution.

Here are three creative yet chic ways to display old photos at your upcoming wedding,

1. Use your photos to create a message.

Incorporating simple messages into your wedding design can be a great way to include old photographs into your celebration. All you need to do to complete this type of photo display is invest in some wood lettering spelling out your desired message (words like "love," "eternity," etc.) and then gather photographs that you would like to display.

Arrange the photographs on the letters until the wood is completely covered, and then trim the photographs to size so that the shape of the letter is still visible. Use some craft glue to adhere the photographs to the wood surface, and you will have a wonderfully whimsical display piece for your wedding. As an added bonus, you can hang your photo-adorned word on the walls of your new home as an art piece.

2. Use your photos as part of your centerpieces.

Adding family photographs to each table can be a great way to allow your guests to interact with your old photos. Presenting the photographs in a romantic way is simple when you rely on the use of some mason jars and olive oil.

Fill the jar halfway with olive oil, then place two photographs of similar size into the jar with the images facing out. Add some more olive oil until the jar is full, then place the lid on the mason jar securely. The translucent nature of the olive oil allows your photographs to be seen but adds a romantic filter that is sure to enhance the ambiance of your wedding.

3. Keep photos of loved ones close to the heart.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can easily print photographs onto fabric. Creating a piece of fabric that features a photo collage of your relatives allows the groom to replace the lining of his suit jacket with this fabric.

Using old photos as part of your wedding attire is a simple and unexpected way to honor your relatives during your upcoming wedding celebration.

Finding creative ways to display old photos of your relatives at your wedding doesn't have to be hard. Incorporate old photos into your wedding design to add romance and nostalgia to your big day.

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