Tips To Assist With Teaching Students In Your Cooking Class How To Create Specific Dishes

Posted on: 21 February 2017

If you teach a cooking class at a local community center and want to include interesting ways to present the steps necessary to create specific dishes in your lesson plans, try the following tips. As a result, your students may remain focused during each class and gain confidence while preparing food items.

Recordings Of Preparation Steps 

Rent a professional cinema camera to record you as you prepare several dishes in the privacy of your home's kitchen. Prior to recording footage, practice using the camera to record the surroundings so that you are comfortable using the equipment. Set a tripod up in front of the counter and stove to place the camera on. Arrange ingredients and cooking utensils on the counter.

Once the camera is turned on, begin preparing one of the dishes. Speak clearly while explaining each step that you are taking to make the food item. Continue preparing the remaining dishes in the same manner. Have copies of the recording made and hand them out to your class so that each person can watch them at their leisure and follow along or take notes.

Hands-On Workstations

Select a dish for your class to prepare. Purchase plenty of ingredients and prepare a list of instructions for your class members to follow. Place the students in groups and assign them to a workstation, which includes a table, ingredients, cooking utensils, and a copy of the instructions. Allot a specific amount of time for your students to prepare the dish.

Allow the groups to work on their own and only interfere with what they are doing if it is necessary. Once the time has run out, sample each creation that the groups have prepared. Provide feedback, includiing positive attributes of the dishes and ways to improve them. 

Demonstrations By Professionals

Contact professional cooks in your community and ask them if they would be willing to provide a cooking demonstration in your classroom. If some of them are interested, make preparations to record each one with a cinema camera while they are completing a live session. Your students will gain insight on some popular cooking techniques and may learn how to use cooking equipment in the proper manner.

Once the professionals have provided presentations, make copies of the footage that you have acquired. Provide students with copies so that they can rehash the information that was presented whenever they would like. Keep one copy of the recording in the classroom. Watch the footage with your class and discuss it afterward and answer any questions that your pupils have.

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